Hi, I’m Tanya. . .

And according to my friends, I have a charming accent. I’ll let you decide if that’s true or if my good friends simply love me to pieces.

Like most New Yorkers nowadays, I’m not originally from here. Hence, the accent. I’m from a teeny, tiny Russian town in the truest middle of nowhere, ten hours away from Moscow, where it’s far colder and wilder. The countryside was my childhood backyard and the reason nature very much inspires my photo-framing eye.

But I credit my college years in Saint Petersburg and my major in Anthropology for sparking my love of multiculturalism and people-watching. So 12 years ago, I made the spontaneous decision to move to the states, eventually finding my way to New York City - the ultimate melting pot. I knew I made the greatest decision of my life because here is where I fell in love with the Big Apple, wedding photography, and my husband, Robert.

In one serendipitous April weekend back in 2008, I photographed my first intimate wedding in Maine AND met Robert - fueling a passion for both photography and my now-husband. Aren’t I lucky?

Since then, I’ve honed my craft and worked with industry-leading photographers and upscale studios to evolve my technique and produce timeless keepsakes that will warm your hearts and home. As your trusted photographer, I live for highlighting your love and journey together in a fun, down-to-earth sort of way.